Visit famous film sets in the Sahara Desert

Take a trip off the beaten track and venture far into the desert on an incredible Sahara adventure. Here you can ride 4×4 jeeps over the rolling, golden sand dunes and be forgiven for feeling like you’re in another world completely. It’s possible to do day trips or even an overnight excursion in order to really explore deep into this vast and barren land.

The Sahara is a wonderful place to explore, offering the perfect blend of fascinating attractions as well as serene desert peace. This ensures that your adventure is both action-packed and rejuvenating all at the same time, as it allows you to completely escape everyday life and experience something totally new.

A trip into the desert wouldn’t be complete without visiting the scene of perhaps the most famous film saga of all time, Star Wars. It’s here that George Lucas chose to film scenes from many of his massive blockbuster hits.