It would be impossible to visit Tunisia and not be drawn in by the country’s mesmerising history and culture. Add to that a great range of resorts, superb sunny weather and excellent sports and relaxation facilities and you’ve got the ingredients for the perfect North African holiday.

It’s because of all these reasons above that you’ll find a never ending choice of things to do whilst on holiday in Tunisia. Whether you’re on a low budget or splashing out; wanting pure relaxation or adrenaline-fuelled thrills: Tunisia has it all. You can spend your days exploring ancient ruins, haggling at local medinas or venturing far out into the desert in search of the settings of many a famous blockbuster.

1. Medine Tunisia

Did you know that an old Arab quarter of a North African city is called a medina? The resorts of Sousse and Tunis both have great medinas
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4. The Great Mosque at Kairouan

The town of Kairouan itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And situated within it is the Great Mosque of Kairouan, considered to be among the most important mosques in the whole of Tunisia.
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