Tunisia is a sun-drenched land bursting with colour and culture. Tunisia holidays are perfect for anyone wanting to relax on the beach, explore ancient sites, head out on a desert adventure or barter their way to a bargain at the local market. With a whole host of extravagant and luxury hotels to choose from, the majority of which boasting a beachfront location, you’re sure to find your dream holiday to Tunisia. And what’s more? It’s affordable and just a three hour flight from the UK.

Ancient history

If you can drag yourself away from your sun lounger, there is a wealth of history for you to explore in this popular North African country. Two of the most spectacular sites to visit are the captivating Roman ruins at Carthage and the immense Roman amphitheatre at El Djem. But dotted around the whole country you will find fascinating relics and ruins that will add culture and wisdom to your summer getaway.

Beaches and resorts

Tunisia is home to some of the best beaches in North Africa, so whichever resort you choose to stay in, you’ll be able to find an excellent stretch of sand to kick back and relax on. La Marsa beach in Tunis is a particular favourite, with its crystal clear waters and soft, white sand. The popular resort of Hammamet is ideal for those who love water sports.

Activities and attractions

Aside from Tunisia’s exceptional beaches and enthralling ancient history, there are plenty of other activities and attractions to fill your days with whilst on holiday. Tunisia is the world’s second thalassotherapy destination after France, so you will find that many of the hotels offer excellent spa facilities to indulge in. For the more active among you, there are a number of world class golf courses in the area, which boast stunning settings. And then for the adrenaline junkies, head out on a desert safari and see where George Lucas filmed parts of the Star Wars series.