Ferrari Land

On the outskirts of Salou you’ll find plenty of great rides and other things to do at one of the biggest and best theme parks in Europe. PortAventura is located on the outskirts of the attractive, small coastal resort of Salou and is Spain’s premier theme park. This is home to a huge number of rides, shows and other entertainment that will keep both adults and kids amused all day, and it attracts thousands of visitors from across Spain and abroad every year. The park is divided up into themed zones, the latest being Ferrari Land which opened in 2017 and is proving hugely popular already.

The Ferrari Experience

There’s something for everyone in this 4000-square-meter, state-of-the-art building. It’s the perfect place to explore the thrilling world of Formula 1 and GT without having to actually get onto the track. Find out about the remarkable man who made the F1 dream a reality and travel the world on an incredible virtual trip, one of Ferrari Land’s biggest single attractions.

Ferrari Land Gallery

Even if you’re not an F1 fanatic, you’ll be enthralled by the Ferrari Land Gallery as you discover everything worth knowing about the dramatic and colourful history of Ferrari. You’ll be fully engaged in an interactive journey through time and learn the secrets behind the phenomenal success of the Italian Scuderia.

Racing Legends

Racing Legends in Ferrari Land is all about discovering for yourself the passion and drive behind the F1 experience over the decades. Journey with Scuderia Ferrari through the highpoints of the event, and relive all the drama as if it were happening to you personally right now. This installation is at the very heart of Ferrari Land and once you step into the huge central dome you can immediately feel the F1 adrenaline kick in.

Flying Dreams

Take a world tour with Ferrari on this truly thrilling and unforgettable ride. Speed past the Great Wall of China and other iconic global attractions in your own Ferrari GT, and revel in the sound of a legendary engine at full throttle. Children and adults alike absolutely love this unbeatable ride, which is one of the best attractions not only in Ferrari Land but in the whole of PortAventura. There are so many things to do here that you’ll probably find one visit does not suffice, but only whets the appetite for more.

Pit Stop Record

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a pit stop then here’s your chance. The Pit Stop Record installation allows you to be a genuine Ferrari pit stop mechanic, and display your skills as you race to beat the clock and get that machine back on track. Your adrenaline will be pumping as you work at a frenetic speed to replace wheels and tune engines, and you’ll experience first-hand what it must be like to work under that sort of pressure for real. When you’re looking for fun and challenging things to do in Ferrari World, Pit Stop Record delivers on every level.