21 Amazing Things To Do in Ferrari Land

Get your heart pumping and adrenaline racing when you step into the amazing PortAventura Ferrari Land theme park. You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of sports cars to enjoy this uniquely themed amusement park, but it probably helps. The entire park spans across 70,000m2 of land, giving you plenty of space to explore during your visit. The park is packed with thrill rides suited for all ages. So, whether you’re an adult seeking the intense rollercoasters or you’re visiting the park with little ones, there’s something in Ferrari Land for all ages.

If you’re planning to visit this crazy amusement park anytime soon, here’s 21 of the best things to do in Ferrari Land:


  1. Ferrari Experience

For those that are not as familiar with the Ferrari brand as much as die-hard fans, the Ferrari Experience building will give you a much-needed lesson on sports cars. Learn all about the genius behind the creation of the F1™ car and take a virtual journey on one of the parks most popular attractions. The technology focused experience you’ll get inside the state-of-the-art walls of this incredibly themed building is unlike anything else in the park, so it’s well worth a visit and deserves a place right at the top of your list!


  1. Ferrari Land Gallery

Racing on epic rollercoasters all day can really take it out of you. So, a quiet visit to the fascinating Ferrari Land Gallery is just what you need! It’s not like the classic dusty museums you probably picture in your mind, it’s more of an interactive journey that reveals insights into the success of the Italian Scuderia.


  1. Racing Legends

Hold on tight and enjoy this immersive experience inside a wraparound dome, where you’ll get to feel the excitement of F1™. It’s rated as a gentle ride, making it perfect for the whole family. You’ll get to go on an exciting journey with Scuderia Ferrari and experience what it would be like to race around the course like a real F1™ driver.


  1. Flying Dreams

Start your engine and blast off on an epic journey inside a Ferrari GT. You’ll be strapped into this ride with your pals and lifted off the ground with a huge dome screen around you. As the car sways, so do you! This ride is a lot of fun and you can’t help but feel like you’re really soaring through the air and winding through dusty roads off the beaten track.


  1. Junior Championship

Young children will adore this ride that’s designed to make them feel like they’re racing in a high-speed championship event. They’ll hop inside a red race car and zoom around the course that features plenty of twists and turns along the way. This ride probably isn’t intense enough for older kids, but young children will love it. Plus, it’s a nice quiet indoor ride and the lines are usually fairly short.


  1. Red Force

This thrill ride is one of the best things to do in Ferrari Land. Oh, and it’s also the fastest and highest vertical accelerator in Europe. If you think you can handle that, then hop on and enjoy the speedy 880-metre route that accelerates super-fast in a very short space of time. Interestingly, this ride uses electromagnetic power to launch the trains so fast. But, it’s a very short ride, so don’t get too comfortable in your seat as it won’t be long before you’re getting back up again!


  1. Free Fall Tower

Not afraid of heights? If you’ve got the nerves for it, you’ll love the intensity of Thrill Towers, a 55-metre free fall ride. Climb aboard and feel the adrenaline pulse as you descend down a thrilling fast drop to the bottom! Both of the towers look a little like engine pistols, which is in keeping with the entire theme of the park.


  1. Bounce Back Tower

This is the closest thing you can get to bungee jumping without actually doing it. The Bounce Back Tower is able to move in two different directions. It begins by taking you flying to the top before spilling back down again, giving you an immediate rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins.


  1. Crazy Pistons

This is a great ride in PortAventura Ferrari Land where you’re basically strapped onto a giant, rotating gondola that spins and takes you 9 metres into the air. Although it’s a thrilling ride, it’s made for children, so you can easily bring the kids on this ride and they’re sure to have a good time.


  1. Maranello Grand Race

Hop aboard this 570-metre racing circuit ride and feel the warm sunshine on your skin as you speed along, racing others in an exciting but tame car race ride. It’s more suited for small kids, giving them the chance to feel like mini race drivers for the ride, which lasts around five minutes or so.


  1. Kid’s Tower

Enjoy amazing views of the entire park from the top of Kid’s Tower, a children’s ride that’s very similar to the Free Fall Tower. You can find this ride over in the children’s area. The ride spins, climbs and descends, reaching up to 9 metres above ground level. It’s a great ride for older kids who want to experience something more exciting but aren’t quite ready for an intense rollercoaster ride.


  1. Champions Race

Young kids will adore Champions Race, where they get to drive a stunning Ferrari Testarossa 250 around a circle track. You can sit next to your kid and let them ‘take charge’ of the wheel. They’ll definitely have a big smile on their face as they zoom round in a classic Italian sports car. This rotating attraction is one of the new additions to the park for young children, which makes it perfect for families searching for age-appropriate rides when in Ferrari Land.


  1. Pole Position Challenge

This unique ride has eight simulators designed to make you feel like a true F1™ driver. There are six simulators for adults and the remaining two are for kids. This means the whole family can enjoy the Pole Position Challenge together, making it perfect for small groups who want to experience a ride at the same time.


  1. Pit Stop Record

If you’re a fan of F1™ racing, you’ll know how hard the mechanics work at the pit stops. But, if you really want to know what it’s like to be one, try competing at the Pit Stop Record in Ferrari Land. You’ll have to quickly adjust tyres and race against the opposing team for the gold medal. This one takes a lot of concentration, dedication and above all, speed!


  1. Rondo Veneziano

You’ll find more things to do in Ferrari Land than just epic rides. The theme park also puts on a variety of entertaining shows such as the Rondo Veneziano, which is a street show featuring traditional Venetian dances and the best moves in town. The dancers all wear interesting outfits that are reminiscent to those worn in classic Venetian carnivals.


  1. Folklore Italiano

Soak up Italian culture over in the Folklore Italiano, where you’ll hear the sounds of traditional Italian music. It’s a great experience as it offers something a little different. Plus, it pays a nice homage to the creators of the Ferrari brand, which adds a touch of authenticity to the theme park.


  1. Acrobatic Show Ferrari Land

If you want to rest your feet for a while, make your way to the next Acrobatic Show playing during your visit. The performers hit the stage in full costume and begin a memorable dance for the whole family to enjoy. The dynamic show is equipped with music, unique routines and some of the best acrobatic skills you’ll ever see on stage. Sometimes there’s even an acrobatic basketball act, which the kids all seem to love and cheer at even more.


  1. Eat at Ristorante Cavallino

Did you know that PortAventura Ferrari Land is home to a number of amazing restaurants throughout the park? One of these is the Ristorante Cavallino, a table service restaurant serving a range of Italian dishes from freshly-made pizza to delicious pasta and more. You can call in advance to make a reservation or wait for a free table depending on how busy it is on the day.


  1. Ferrari Land Store

If you want to do a little shopping during your time in the park, head to the Ferrari Land Store, where you can buy souvenirs to help remember your trip. To find this shop, make your way to the Piazza Maranello and you’ll discover the store there.


  1. Stop & Go

In the mood for some snacks? Head to the quick and easy Stop & Go restaurant, which is where you can pick up food like waffles and other snacks. It’s a great place to grab a pick-me-up or a drink to keep you going until dinner time.


  1. Pit Lane

If you’re craving delicious fast food, Pit Lane will be right up your alley. The kids will love the theming of this restaurant and the food is great if you’ve got fussy eaters with you. Choose from a great menu featuring items like pizza, chicken, salads and plenty of classic Italian dishes too.