Explore Nerja Caves

The biggest attraction in Nerja is the incredible Nerja Caves or ‘Cuevas De Nerja’ in Spanish. The caves are thought to have been formed millions of years ago by underground streams of water that created large chambers in the rocks, creating a series of huge caverns reaching for nearly four kilometres. The cave is split into three galleries and in some you can find fascinating cave drawings of animals that give an indication that the cave was inhabited during the stone age.

You have a choice of tours when you visit the caves; you can wander around and explore selected areas by yourself or take a guided audio tour. For those who want a truly unique experience then why not take the night tour? When the night falls you’ll go into the cave in total darkness with a headlamp for light, offering an experience of discovering the cave with the same sensations of those who first discovered the cave all those years ago. They also sometimes hold music festivals and concerts due to the amazing acoustics.

Nerja Caves is one of Costa del Sol’s most popular and spectacular historical sites and a visit to Nerja wouldn’t be complete without visiting them.