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Marbella is on the southeast coast of Spain and enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. It’s famed for its golden beaches and glorious sunshine that lasts for up to 14 hours per day in the summer. The warmest month is August, which enjoys highs of 30°C. Warm sea temperatures are around 24°C in July and August with a cooling sea breeze blowing into the coast throughout the summer. Temperatures are usually in the mid-20s in summer, which means you can enjoy lots of heat and sunshine during your stay.

Marbella weather remains pleasant and mild in autumn with an average temperature of 18°C in October and 14°C in November. You can expect similar temperatures in Marbella throughout spring, which is a great time to visit for mild weather with less rain than autumn. You’ll have ten hours of sunshine a day, giving you plenty of time to explore Marbella and do some shopping or sightseeing. November is the wettest month with up to 115mm of rainfall spread over seven days.

The weather in Marbella in winter is generally mild during the day with colder temperatures at night. December is around 12°C that lowers to 11°C in January. With just six hours of sunshine a day, it’s not unusual for temperatures to dip below 10°C in the evening. Sea temperatures are around 16°C in February before rising to 18°C in May.

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