Just like the rest of Spain, the currency in Marbella is the Euro. You’ll find it easier by taking your Euros with you, so you can dive straight into the fun as soon as you arrive rather than wasting valuable beach time looking for an ATM. It’s easy to get organised for your holiday because with you can choose to reserve and collect or get home delivery (free on orders over £500) if it’s going to be tricky to get into town. Our exchange service is commission free too, so you know you’re getting great value Marbella currency.

You’ll find many places accept cards, and there are plenty of cashpoint machines too, so it makes use a mixture of cash and card. Be cautious about bank charges for transactions abroad though, as these charges aren’t always clear and can mount up over your holiday. An alternative is a pre-paid travel money card like our Lyk card, these are used in the same way as an ordinary card. Purchases are charge free, and the flat fee for withdrawing cash means you know exactly how much accessing your currency in Marbella will cost. You can top up as you go and managing your account online means using this is really convenient. Comprehensive 24-hour support give you peace of mind should anything happen while you’re away.

We’ve got over 175 years’ experience in helping millions of customers like you have a fabulous holiday, and we know it doesn’t stop with finding great locations and accommodation. We’re happy to answer any questions about Marbella currency so you can get on with your holiday as soon as your feet hit Spanish soil