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Benidorm enjoys a sunny Mediterranean climate with higher temperatures than most of its neighbour’s thanks to the surrounding mountains. On average, the region has a massive 325 sunny days per year, which makes it easy to see why Benidorm is such a popular year-round holiday destination. Temperatures in Benidorm peak in August with highs of 30°C. Cooling sea breezes make the hot weather bearable, which is great at the hottest time of the day when temperatures and humidity levels are fairly high. The surrounding waters are mild during the summer with an average temperature of 20°C in June that increases to 25°C in August.

Rainfall increases in October, which is the wettest month of the year. You can expect ten rainy days with short and light showers. Temperatures are around 19°C on a good day, with lows of 10°C at night.

Winter weather in Benidorm is mostly mild with cooler temperatures at night. January is the coolest month with a daily average of 15°C and chilly lows of 6°C. The sun shines for seven hours per day in winter that increases to ten hours in spring. The Mediterranean Sea is warm for most of the year and the warm current helps control Benidorm’s weather, keeping temperatures mild throughout the year.

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