Aqua Natura

The Aqua Natura Benidorm waterpark, designed in a Greek island theme, has a great range of water slides from family favourites suitable for all ages to exciting ones for the thrill seekers.

The wave pool

You’ll have a splashtastic time in Aqua Natura Benidorm as you race each other down the Multipista and ride the waves of Zorba’s Beach wave pool. The pool’s a massive 5,000 square metres in area, is overlooked by waterfalls and geysers; plus it has plenty of space for bathing and swimming, although brace yourself for the next series of waves. At the height of summer, it’s the perfect way to cool off and refresh yourself. As always, just remember to apply sun cream regularly, especially in the early afternoon when the sun is at its hottest.

La Cresta

Feeling a bit more daring? Head for La Cresta, where you’ll get to experience the sensation of zero gravity, just like an astronaut. Hop onto a rubber ring and down the 15-metre tube slide, which will leave you shooting high up into the air, landing back on a huge bumpy slide, before splashing into the pool waiting for you below. If you want a bit of a break away from the busy park, there’s also a spa area located near the sun loungers, with two large whirlpools for you to relax in.

The Zigzag-Giant Slide

Another adrenaline-pumping water chute, the Zigzag-Giant Slide, is 105 metres long and finishes in a separate zone from the wave pool. Whiz down the U-shaped chute until you splash down to the finishing point.

The Black Hole

Zoom down this 1.40-metre diameter tubular chute, where you’ll ride for more than 100 metres until you plunge straight into the black hole of water. This ride even includes special strobe lighting, and should satisfy even the most ambitious thrill seekers. Especially when you burst into the water at what will seem like lightning speed!

The multi-track

Challenge your friends or family down this exciting U-shaped slide, where you’ll zoom 50 metres to the bottom.

Great for children too

Aqua Natura is great fun for everyone, but kids especially will love it here as there are many things to do. They’ve got their own splash area with a water castle, complete with bridges, catwalks, and slides. One of the favourites is the big bucket, which slowly fills with water before tipping out litres of it. Look out for the smiles on your little ones’ faces as the water pours over their heads; grab your phone or camera as it’s the perfect photo opportunity.


Have a bite to eat at the Aqua Natura restaurant, or feel free to bring your own food and eat at the dedicated picnic area.

Practical information

You can book tickets to Aqua Natura Benidorm online or at the park itself, although it may be a lot cheaper to in advance, and will also mean you dodge any queues.

How to get there

Aqua Natura is 3.5km from Benidorm’s Playa de Poniente beach and can be easily reached by car. You can also get here by bus, although check the schedule and routes in advance, as online timetables may not always be up-to-date.

Terra Natura

Right next door to Aqua Natura Benidorm is another fantastic family attraction, Terra Natura, a huge animal theme park. This remarkable park was designed with an innovative ‘Zooimmersion’ concept, which means you can to see them as if they were in the wild. If you book tickets to Aqua Natura and Terra Natura at the same time, you may also benefit from a significant discount.

Visit the Europe section to see the wildlife of the Mediterranean, from wild ducks to fallow deer. Then head to the Asia area, where you can see exotic species such as pythons, crocodiles, and elephants. Here, you can ride at 50km on an amazing zip wire above the grazing elephants, before visiting the Rajasthan village of Namastepur and seeing the other wildlife of India.

Other things to see at Terra Natura

After that, there’s the Pangea section, where you’ll be transported tens of millions of years back in time to an era when the Earth was dominated by rivers of lava. If you’re comfortable with viewing venomous creatures, then take a look at the deadly snakes, African scorpions and other species native to Pangea. At the Americas zone, you can also see herons, toucans, jaguars, monkeys, and other species native to the Americas, as well as recreations of the Mayan ruins and the Copaltenango pagan rituals.

Afterwards, grab a bite to eat at one of Terra Natura’s superb restaurants, or browse souvenirs at a gift shop. You can find these in every section of the park, as well as world-class entertainment ranging from animal shows to concerts.

As you can see, there’s plenty to see and do at Aqua Natura Benidorm and neighbouring Terra Nature. Ideally, you’ll want to spend a day in each park so you can make the most of all the attractions.