Los Cristianos Nightlife: Bars & Clubs

Los Cristianos, set in sunny, southern Tenerife, began as a small fishing village. However, it has grown and bloomed into one of the island’s most popular holiday hotspots, in response to demand from tourists and holidaymakers. Today, you’ll find two stunning beaches, excellent attractions, and a long seafront promenade with incredible choice of superb restaurants. When the sun sets, a different side of this popular resort springs up, and Los Cristianos nightlife keeps you partying all night with clubs, bars, and late-night cafés.

When it comes to nightlife, the resort is the only real contender to its noisier neighbour, Playa de las Americas. In addition to the pubs, clubs and bars tucked away along the main drag, you’ll find nightlife in the labyrinth of backstreets and along the beaches too.

Pubs in Los Cristianos
If you’re looking for a decent watering hole as part of the nightlife here, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Along the promenade you’ll find a bounty of bars, ranging from the ubiquitous pie-and-a-pint-style English and Irish pubs, to genuine Canarian drinking spots, where you can enjoy authentic tapas with your chosen tipple.

Many of the pubs in Los Cristianos are owned by ex-pats, who know how to make you feel at home. Along with beer that comes at much lower prices than you’ll find in Britain, you can hunt out quiz and cabaret nights; perfect for dipping your toe in the Los Cristianos nightlife scene, and making a few new friends.

Clubs and Bars
When it comes to the clubbing side of Los Cristianos, the scene is split in two. Along the promenade and on the backstreets that lead towards the Old Town you’ll find the nightclubs and discos. On the other side, towards the seafront, are the clubs where DJs crank out banging tunes until sunrise, and smaller venues where you’ll catch live bands. Compared to Playa de los Americas, Los Cristianos’ clubs are much more casual. There are a few where there’s a stated dress code, but as a rule it’s a case of turning up in whatever’s comfortable. This is a laid-back resort, where the locals and visitors get involved to enjoy themselves, rather than to be ‘seen on the scene’!

If you’re new to the resort and don’t know where to start, head to the ‘El Mirador strip’, which is where you’ll find the most popular bars and clubs. Karaoke bars are also a permanent part of the Los Cristianos nightlife, and you’ll find plenty in this part of town.The Shambles Bar and Churchill’s Bar are always busy, and a great way to kick off or finish a good night out, depending on which way round you want to go!

Party on the Sands
During the summer months, beach parties spill over onto the sands, offering the best of both worlds. If you like the idea of DJs and dancing, but don’t fancy the crowded clubs, beach parties are an excellent way to bop the night away. More like mini festivals, you’ve got powder-soft sand under your feet and the beautiful Canarian stars over your head. Places like the Monkey Beach Club, Kaluna Beach Club and the Papagayo Beach Club draw a mixture of locals and visitors with top tunes, dazzling light shows, and reasonably-priced drinks. Because these are so well-attended, many of the beach clubs charge an entrance-fee but, if you want to guarantee getting in, you can buy tickets in advance, through their websites.

Keeping your Money Safe
If you’re out and about, getting to grips with the nightlife here, you’ll probably need a combination of cash and card. However, it’s a better idea to take your Thomas Cook Cash Passport out with you, instead of a wad of euros and your regular credit or debit card. The Thomas Cook Cash Passport can be preloaded with the budget of your choice, so you don’t blow your entire holiday budget on one big night out!

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The Thomas Cook Cash Passport can be used just like any other cash card: if you need euros, just head to the nearest ATM and withdraw what you need to get you through the night. Alternatively, if you find yourself in a situation where only a card will do, you can use the Passport as you would your regular debit or credit card: punch in the PIN and the fee’s deducted from your budget.
While the Thomas Cook Cash Passport is a great way to keep an eye on your spending, you can always add more funds if you want to push the boat out.

Coffee, Cocktails and Carnival!
Los Cristianos nightlife doesn’t have to be all about banging tunes and heady cocktails. If you’ve partied a bit too hard and want a night off, or loud and proud just isn’t your thing, there are plenty of mellow, street-side cafés, where the locals gather to chat and watch the world go by. If you want to do as the Romans (or Canarians) do, turn up just before midnight and soak up the party atmosphere from a distance.

If you’d prefer something a little stronger than a coffee, head for one of the beachfront cocktail bars and watch the sun kiss the sea. However, be warned: mixologists in Los Cristianos aren’t too bothered with measures! Years of experience and an expert eye have taught them when everything’s just right, so don’t chug the cocktails in Los Cristianos. They may go down easily, but you’ll find they’ve got a serious kick to them! The Charlotte Cocktail Bar, the Wild Side and the Cobbler are all great places to start.

For the ultimate in nigh out, plan your trip in March, when the Carnival takes place. The celebrations start early in the afternoon, centred around the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre and the Valdez Centre. After the parades, costumes, food and live music, the festivities make their colourful way towards the beach, to be replaced with bands, DJs and a spectacular firework display.