Costa Adeje – Weather

With its location, not far off the North African coast, you can look forward to pleasant weather in Costa Adeje. The summer is very hot, so you might prefer to visit in spring for warm weather that’s not overly hot or humid. Temperatures are around 20°C during the day with just 5mm of rainfall per month, which is perfect for relaxing on the golden beach or enjoying a day exploring the surrounding countryside.

The sun shines for 12 hours each day in spring and summer, giving you plenty of daylight to enjoy your time away. Temperatures in Costa Adeje are very high between June and September, with daytime temperatures of 24°C and highs of 29°C. In the summer, evenings experience a cool sea breeze thanks to trade winds blowing from across the Atlantic. This brings relief from the heat and makes sleeping at night much easier.

You can escape the chilly winter weather back home in exchange for a milder climate in Costa Adeje. The daily temperature in December is around 18°C with highs of 24°C at midday. This is great weather for a winter getaway and Costa Adeje weather is generally sunny and mild throughout the cold months.

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