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Last Updated: 5th June 2018

Lanzarote has a lovely subtropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year and constant sunshine. As a Canary Island, Lanzarote is very busy during peak season and the beaches can get quite crowded. If you’d rather visit when it’s more peaceful, you should consider travelling in autumn or spring.

Autumn weather in Lanzarote is mainly hot and dry. Temperatures are around 24°C in November, which is warm enough to enjoy time on the beach or some sightseeing in town. Spring enjoys similar temperatures with just a few light showers scattered over the season. The average temperature in March is 23°C, which is warm without being too hot or uncomfortable.

Winter is mild with temperatures in Lanzarote ranging from 14°C to 15°C. December is the wettest month, but there’s just four days of rain and there’s a good chance you won’t see a drop of rain during your visit.

Lanzarote weather from April to November is very warm and sunny with an average low of 17°C at night and highs of 29°C in August. Warm winds blow in from the east, from Africa and the Sahara Desert that often cause temperatures to rise to 40°C.

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