Jameos del Agua

Part restaurant, part bar, part nature, the Jameos del Agua is really a celebration of Lanzarote’s volcanic landscapes, created by the legendary artist, Cesar Manrique, who was born on the island. Cesar wanted to create a special cultural attraction, which combined art with nature and in 1968 his idea became a reality.

Originally this site had molten lava flowing underground, which formed a series of tubes running under the Atlantic. When pressure built up, parts of the ground collapsed leaving open-air caves. These caves now hold beautiful and unique sights, such as the small crystal clear lake that’s home to the Jameitos crabs. These blind albino crabs can only be found on Lanzarote. The Jameo Grande swimming pool is picture-perfect, its tropical plants and turquoise water is paradise but unfortunately you can’t swim in it, unless you’re the King of Spain. If you’re interested in geography you can learn about volcanoes at the volcano exhibit in the small museum.

Cesar Manrique himself called it ‘the most beautiful nightclub in the world’ and it may not be a nightclub today but it’s still atmospheric at night-time, when you can enjoy a meal in the quirky underground restaurant accompanied with traditional music and dance.