Exchange Pounds for Euros

Just like the rest of Spain, Lanzarote currency is the Euro. It’s easy to exchange your pounds for Euros before you travel, and we offer the convenience of ordering online so you can have your Lanzarote currency delivered to your home (free for orders over £500). You also have the option of our handy click-and-collect service, so you can pop in to get your holiday spending money while you’re doing the rest of your travel shopping. If ordering online isn’t for you then you can give us a call or pop in to store.

Withdrawing Money in Lanzarote

If you prefer to access your currency in Lanzarote by card, then you’ll find ATMs are plentiful. Check your card provider doesn’t charge huge fees for transactions abroad, though, and we recommend using a bank ATM rather than those at other locations. A way to avoid potential fees is to use a pre-paid travel card such as Lyk. It works just like a credit or debit card, but because it’s pre-paid you know exactly how much you’re spending and there are no hidden fees. Don’t worry about running out of cash either, you can top up online, commission free, and we’ve got a 24-hour support line to help you if you lose your card or have it stolen. You may still need a credit card for hotel or car hire deposits or any unforeseen circumstances, so it’s worth having one just as back up. Taking a mix of cash and card is the most secure way of carrying currency in Lanzarote, and we think the Lyk card is a great solution to avoid all those hidden bank charges.

Thomas Cook Stores 

Pop in to see us in store, give us a call, or use our online chat if you have any more questions about Lanzarote Currency. At Thomas Cook we’ve lots of experience on how to get the most out of every penny on your holiday, and love to help you have a relaxing break with no money worries.