Does Costa Teguise have a market?

Artisan Market – 10am to 2.30pm – Various stalls with handmade crafts and artwork, some local produce stalls, a bit quirky and different.

Recova Market – 9am to 2pm – Small market with local goods and produce

Mancha Blanca
Local agricultural market – 9am to 2pm – The best island market for local produce and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Island market – 9am to 2pm – The biggest market in Lanzarote selling everything; arts, jewellery, clothes, bags, linen and leather goods.


Should I hire a car if I'm travelling to Costa Teguise?

Lanzarote has many interesting things to do, so if you are an explorer then hiring a car would be perfect. Driving conditions are good and easy to get around however if you are the type to stay in resort then the bus service is a better/ effective option.


What is the weather like in Costa Teguise?

Costa Teguise enjoys year round warmth with hot summers and warm winters.
The winter months see a pleasant average high of around 19°C and an average low of 14°C.
If you are not a fan of the humidity the winter season will definitely be the best time to visit Costa Teguise for you.


Can I drink the tap water in Costa Teguise?

The tap water meets Spanish sanitary regulations, however as with all holiday destinations we advise you to drink bottled water at all times.