Gran Canaria – Weather

With its location off the north-western coast of Africa, Gran Canaria is blessed with year-round sunshine and warm temperatures. No matter when you choose to visit, you know you’ll have excellent weather for whatever activities you choose to do. Summers are hot and sunny with little rainfall. The hottest month is August, which enjoys an average temperature of 24°C and an average sea temperature of 23°C.

Gran Canaria weather is influenced by the Canary Current and its position on the same latitude as the Sahara. Northeast trade winds blow warm winds to the area and the mild sea waters that surround the island all contribute to the warm weather in Gran Canaria.

The southwest of the island is generally drier than the northeast because it’s sheltered by the volcanic mountains in the centre of the island. The mountains also help to protect the south from trade winds, helping to keep temperatures warm and pleasant throughout the year.

January is the coldest month of the year, with temperatures in Gran Canaria dropping to 18°C with lows of 15°C. There’s not much rainfall but there’s less sunshine in general and you can expect no more than six hours of sunlight per day. This eventually increases to eight hours by April, with temperatures increasing to the high-teens and low-20s towards the end of spring.


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