Puerto Rico is a varied resort with many activities available and something to suit every taste. For thrill seekers, there’s a great range of water sports and foodies will love the variety of culinary delights that you’ll find when you’re out and about. If you’re looking for a bit of culture, you’ll find a national heritage sight nearby with many interactive displays.

Water sports galore

The excellent world-class beach has a range of water sports that are fun for all ages. From traditional boat rides to the brand new Jetovator; a jet pack which gives you a chance to fly over the water and have some breath taking views.

Dive and explore

If you want to create some fantastic holiday memories, you may want to have a go at diving. With a one-day course, you’ll be qualified to go below the water and discover what lies beneath the waves. With more advanced courses on offer, you can even brush up on your diving skills if you’re already qualified.

Beach days

The beautiful sands in Puerto Rico have made it a popular destination for beach lovers. The rustic beaches are ideal for a family day out, giving parents a chance to lie back in the sun whilst the children can play in this safe environment. With lots of amenities nearby, you’re never to far away from a refreshing drink or a delicious meal.