Maspalomas – Weather

The weather in Maspalomas is very mild and pleasant throughout the year with mild winters and long, dry summers. Temperatures rarely drop below 20°C during the day and the region enjoys over 2700 hours of annual sunshine. Its location off the coast of North Africa means Maspalomas weather is generally hot and sunny with not much rainfall in the summer.

Temperatures in Maspalomas range from 20°C in the cold months up to 26°C in the summer. Lows are around 14°C from December to February and 21°C in the warmer months. Northeast trade winds paired with the warm Canary Current heavily influence the weather patterns in Maspalomas, bringing warmer temperatures to the area all year round.

Annual rainfall is relatively low, with just 18mm of rain in October and 30mm of rainfall per month throughout winter. You might want to check the forecast to prepare for an unexpected shower, but generally, the climate in Maspalomas is dry and pleasant.

The average sea temperature is warm throughout spring and summer, before lowering to 23°C in September. It remains warm enough for swimming for most of the year, but you may want to stick to your hotel’s heating pool in winter when water temperatures drop to 17°C.

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