As the Canary Islands are part of Spain, the currency in Gran Canaria is the Euro. Frequent travellers will know that it’s easy to change your money before you go, so you can be sure you’ll have some cash on hand for those first hours in your resort. At Thomas Cook, we make it easy for you to be prepared, and you can get your Gran Canaria currency in several ways. Ordering online is simple and you can arrange to have your holiday money delivered to your door (it’s free over £500), or use our click and reserve service so your cash is waiting for you when you nip into town for those last-minute holiday essentials.

ATMs & Cards in Gran Canaria

Using card in Gran Canaria is easy, too. It’s such an established holiday hotspot that there are plenty of ATMs, and we recommend taking a mix of cash and card for convenience and security. If you are planning to use your regular debit or credit card check what fees there are for transactions abroad, these can really mount up over your holiday and leave you with a nasty bill at the end.

Pre-Paid Travel Money

A way to avoid unexpected charges is to use a pre-paid travel money card such as Lyk. This can be loaded before you fly, so you know exactly how much you have to spend. If you do need a bit more (you are on holiday after all) then it’s easy to top up with currency in Gran Canaria online, plus you’ve got the peace of mind that we offer 24-hour support should your Lyk card get lost or stolen.

Whether you take your Gran Canaria currency in all cash, all card or choose the best of both worlds with a combination of the two, we can help you with all you need for some holiday spending in the sun.