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Weather and Climate

Temperature: 17-24 (°C)

Nicknamed the island of ‘eternal spring’, you’ll be extremely unlucky to come across rain when visiting. The majority of the time it’s warm with plenty of sunshine. With the summer being the time where the population increases, so does the average temperatures that rise to 27 °C, ideal for relaxing on the beach or sitting outside with a cocktail. Even in the winter, there’s good weather in the mid-teens meaning whichever time of the year you decide, the weather will be much nicer than England for a break in the sun.

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Corralejo is best for:

Exploring: The dunes are a sight to behold with camel rides an enjoyable way to see another side of nature, while a leisurely stroll around the Old Town and marina is the perfect way to take in the traditions and culture of Corralejo.

Windsurfers: The occasional windy day on the Fuerteventura coast can be challenging for sunbathers that want to lay on the golden sand, but for watersport revellers, it’s ideal conditions for a spot of wind-surfing, kite-surfers and body boarding across the bouncing waves.

Boat tours: What better way to witness the stunning scenery around the island than by boat. Relaxing aboard the catamarans - witness under water creatures, rocky mountains and tropical palm tree on holiday to Corralejo.

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Fast Facts

Language: The primary language spoken is Spanish, but many of the locals and most of the staff in shops, hotels and restaurants have a good command of English.

Currency: You’ll need to change up your pounds and pence into euros, which is the national currency. 

Local time: Fear not travellers, there’s no time difference between the UK and Fuerteventura meaning more possibilities to bask in the sun.

Fly to: Fuerteventura Airport (FUE) is approximately 40km from the resort.

Flight time from the UK: A short flight of approximately four hours, depending on where in the UK you fly from. Just a little bit further to go then mainland Spain but worth the wait because of the warmer climate. 

Tourist Information: Further tourist information can be found at

Visa and health: Before you travel, visit  for recommendations on visas and health advice.

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  • Getting Around

    By car: If you wish to discover all that Corralejo holidays have to offer, particularly if you’re on a limited time frame, then hiring a car may be the best option for you. As a couple, you can drive to remote locations where public transport cannot stop for that picturesque, romantic view, while with a family it will be much more convenient and relaxing. Car hires are also available from the Fuerteventura airport for extra comfort and to make your trip as smooth as possible.

    By bus: Going by bus is the perfect affordable option if you’re on a budget, with travel cards in place from the drivers where you can save up to 30% off for each trip. They run around the town, shuttling you wherever you need to go, whether it’s to the beach or a local restaurant from your hotel.

    By bike: Perfect for exercising while on holiday, bike hires are available at your leisure for whenever you feel like an excursion around the island on wheels. With the possibility to go up the mountains for those stunning views, it will be worth it even if you’re out of breath. With foot paths set up around the resort, you can take your time and soak up the views along the promenade and marina.

    By foot: Leaving the best option for last, why not do your bit for the environment by taking a nice stroll from point A to B during your stay on foot. A much better way to take in the mixture of landscapes in Corralejo, you won’t regret it one bit as you see so much more of the island where transport limits you. Take in the traditional Spanish architecture, walking around Iglesia de Corralejo.


    Carnival: An exciting winter festival which picks up the local atmosphere during the ‘colder’ winter months. Full of costumes, parades involving floats and music, the carnival begins to gear up towards spring and brighter days.

    Fiesta del Carmen: Señora Del Carmen is the patron saint of fisherman and her life is celebrated each year with an effigy floated out to sea before celebrations take place, usually involving; concerts, sports tournaments, marching bands and a gala to choose the festival queen. This is an exciting month for all involved and a great spectacle for tourists, a perfect event for all the family.

    Wrestling: Quite a big deal in Corralejo. With Fuerteventura taking it seriously, dating all the way back to the 15th century, the locals of the sunny northern town on the island get together to celebrate their national sport. Competitions are regularly held in a sandy octagon when the best duel for honours.