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If you're keen to soak up the sun, have a splash, and relax in the outdoors until after dark, the best time to book holidays to Santo Tomas is between mid-June and mid-September, when night-time temperatures often remain above 20°C by the coast. It's normally comfortable enough to swim in the sea from about June until October, with the water temperature typically peaking at around 26°C in August. Even in October, the sea temperature is normally in the low 20s. As a comparison, this is still much warmer than the average sea temperature along the England's South Coast in July.


Best for

Couples: Whether you're booking holidays to Santo Tomas for a weekend break or a honeymoon, you'll find the resort's beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere romantic and perfect for loving couples.

Families: Because most venues close before midnight, this resort is an ideal choice for families preferring a quieter holiday away from noisy bars and clubs.

Fast facts

Language: Spanish and Menorquí, a variety of the Catalan language, are the official languages of Menorca. However, you'll find English is spoken in most hotels and tourist attractions. Many people working in restaurants, shops and nightlife venues will also have a basic command of English, although you can always practice your Spanish by carrying a phrasebook or downloading an app for your Santo Tomas holidays.

Local time: Santo Tomas is 1 hour ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Mahon Aiport. The transfer time to Santo Tomas is 50 minutes.

Flight time from the UK: The Santo Tomas flight time is 2.5 hours.

Tourist Information: You can find additional tourist information here.

Visa and Health: Check here to find advice and recommendations for health and visas for your holiday in Santo Tomas.

Balearics Sustainable Tourism Tax: You’ll need to pay a Sustainable Tourism Tax which has been introduced by the Balearic Government to help with environmental and tourism improvements. The charge is between €1-4 per person per night, plus 10% VAT, subject to change, and varies based on the official star rating of your accommodation. Children under 16 won’t have to pay and guests staying for more than nine nights will receive a reduction. For further information please click here

Getting around

By Bus: There are buses every half an hour between the airport and Mahón, and regular services between Mahón and Menorca's main resorts. However, you'll find it more difficult to reach the island's isolated resorts and coves without a car.

By Taxi: You can also hire a taxi to take you to and from the airport, or from Santo Tomas to Mahón and Menorca's other resorts. Always agree the fare before you set off.

By car: Hiring a car from the airport gives you more independence and flexibility for your Santo Tomas holidays. Like in the rest of Spain, always drive on the right-hand side of the road in Menorca. 



One of the biggest events of the year is Tour of Menorca, a two-day cycling tour covering 166km all across the island. From June to September, Menorca also holds local festivals called 'Jaleo', which have been celebrated for well over 600 years and include magnificent parades, live music, fireworks, fairgrounds and more family-themed festivities.