Menorca is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. Not only are there beaches galore, it also feels very laid-back, so you’ll love it if you prefer gentle walks to rollercoasters and leisurely meals to lively nights out. It’s a sister island of Majorca and Ibiza but if you’ve been to either of those before, you’ll have a completely different holiday in Menorca.

Beautiful coastline

Let’s be honest, you’re probably drawn to Menorca because of its famous coastline, so you’re most likely looking for a great beach. Don’t worry, there are plenty of them. You could go to a different beach every day of your holiday if you wanted to but then you’d be missing out on everything else the island has to offer. If you’d like to explore but don’t want to stray far from the coast, why not take a walk along part of the Cami de Cavalls path, which will take you from resort to resort with beautiful views along the way.

Must-see sights

This Balearic Island was named by the Romans (Menorca comes from the Latin for ‘little one’) but they weren’t the first to live here. And that means you’ll find all sorts of interesting places to visit if you’re into history. The Naveta d’es Tudons are a particular highlight; you’ll find these Bronze Age tombs near Ciutadella, so you could see them on a day out to this quaint little city. For a complete contrast, make sure you visit Mahon. It’s the island capital and has lots of relics from Menorca’s more recent past, such as big forts and elegant Georgian houses.

Local life

If you like to get a feel for local life when you’re on holiday, you’re in for a treat in Menorca. As well as the fun of Fiesta celebrations at various times throughout the year (where you might get to see the island’s dancing horses), there’s live music in the bars and squares. There are lots of great restaurants too, and they’re perfect for a quiet evening trying tasty local dishes and sipping your favourite Spanish wine as the sun sets over the Mediterranean.

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