Shop til you drop in Mahon

Shopaholics love Mahon, which is as much of a retail paradise as any other self-respecting capital. While things here are a little more low-key than in a big city, you’ll still find all sorts of reasons to reach for your Euros.

Mahon’s markets are the hub of day-to-day life in the city. For the liveliest atmosphere, don’t miss the fish market on Plaza de España. Alongside the fishmongers selling the latest catch are stalls where you can buy freshly cooked fish tapas and a drink. There’s often a live band playing too. You’ll have a much wider choice of local produce at the covered market on Plaza del Carme, such as Menorcan cheeses, while the crafts on sale at the Tuesday and Saturday market on Plaza de S’Esplanada (the main square) are perfect for souvenirs.

Over in the harbour area you’ll find gift shops, chic boutiques and glossy shopping centres, as well as Mahon’s famous Xoriguer gin distillery. Sadly, you can’t tour the factory, but you can sample as many of the gins as you like in the shop to help you decide which to buy.

A good non-alcoholic souvenir to look out for in Mahon is a pair of the traditional abarcas sandals worn on the island, or some espadrilles; shoe-making has been one of Menorca’s main industries for centuries.