The currency in Menorca is the Euro, so it’s easy to exchange your sterling before you go on your holiday.

There’s nothing nicer than being able to jump straight into your holiday as soon as you get off the plane, without having to find the nearest ATM or bank to get some holiday funds out. So we’ve made it really simple to get your Menorca currency. You can pop into any of our stores, use our reserve and collect service, or order online. We even offer free home delivery on orders over £500 so it couldn’t be easier to get prepared for your trip. Changing money is commission free too, so you know you’re getting the best value for your pound.

The safest way of taking any currency abroad is to use a mix of cash and card. ATMs are plentiful in Menorca, but while your usual credit or debit card will work, you may find your bank adds on hefty charges for transactions abroad. Some ATMs charge too, so check before you leave which are the best to use. An alternative to the traditional debit or credit card is a pre-paid travel money card such as Lyk. This can be loaded with Menorca currency before you leave, then used to pay for goods or withdraw cash. You’ll still need cash for smaller purchases and in some shops or restaurants as well as markets. The Lyk card helps you keep track of your spending too, so there’s no nasty bills when you get home. If you do need a bit more cash, it’s easy to top up online. With 24-hour support and some extra peace of mind that your normal bank account is completely safe even if your card is stolen, it’s the perfect companion for your holiday.

However you need to get currency in Menorca, we can help. With over 175 years’ experience, we’ll make sure you’re prepared and have nothing to worry about but relaxing and spending your holiday money.