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The weather in Majorca is ideal for summer holidays, with a Mediterranean climate that brings constant heat and sunshine to the island each day. Temperatures are very high between June and September, often increasing to 30°C at midday. If it’s too hot, you should visit in spring for mild temperatures around 19°C in April and 23°C in May. Autumn weather in Majorca is also perfect if you want to enjoy a milder and more comfortable climate with daily averages of 19°C.

Humidity levels are relatively low throughout the year thanks to the coastal winds blowing in from the surrounding sea. This helps to keep temperatures in Majorca under control while providing you with some relief from the summer heat. Sunbathing is a must during the summer and you’ll have at least 12 hours of sunshine per day. Swimming in the warm sea is a lovely way to cool down and enjoy yourself with an average water temperature of 26°C.

October is when Majorca’s weather gets relatively wet with heavy showers and an increase in cloud coverage being more common. Winter weather is fairly mild with a daily average temperature of 15°C between December and February with highs of up to 17°C.

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