Palma Nova, literally meaning ‘New Palma’ is only 15 kilometres from Majorca’s capital city of Palma. This buzzing and upbeat resort was one of the first purpose-built tourist destinations on the island, catering for all tastes and confirming its status as a favourite amongst British tourists.

Fun for families

Palma Nova is a lively resort and appeals to families that are looking for lively holiday with a real party atmosphere. There are three impressive beaches that have gorgeous, golden sands with plenty of space for you to relax whilst the kids build sandcastles. For a more sporty activity, all of you can have hours of fun at the Golf Fantasia, with three 18-hole crazy golf courses. And don’t forget with Magaluf close by you’ll also have all the fun of the waterparks, theme parks and live action shows. You won’t be bored in Palma Nova.

Easy-going evenings

After a day jam-packed with activities, you’ve got a choice of laid-back beachfront bars or family-friendly evenings. Palma Nova has got a great selection of bars and discos playing anything from pop hits to those classics that everyone knows the words to. Many places also have karaoke nights and cabaret singers where you’re encouraged to join in. There’s plenty going on in Palma Nova, but there’s a more casual and easy-going atmosphere than its neighbour resort Magaluf.

Bustling nightlife

Although two separate resorts, Palma Nova and Magaluf seem to merge into one during the summer months. No one is really sure where one ends and the other begins, but as soon as you see the bright lights and hear the music you’ll know you’ve found the Magaluf strip; the place for clubbing and all-night parties. Staying in Palma Nova is ideal if you want to make the most of lively Magaluf but still want to feel the relaxed vibe of being on holiday.