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The resort of Magaluf boasts hot, dry summers and cooler but mild winters. For the perfect golden tan, the best month to visit is in August, when temperatures in Magaluf average around 25°C. At the hottest part of the day, you can expect temperatures to rise to highs of 30°C. When you need a break from the heat, you can enjoy a swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea that surrounds the Balearic Islands. With 13 hours of sunlight in July and 12 hours in June, August and September, you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy yourself and do some quality sightseeing. Rainfall isn’t a concern in summer with less than 20mm of rain per month. October is the wettest time to visit and you’ll need to bring an umbrella to battle the 12 rainy days scattered across the month.

The sea is warm throughout spring and summer but lowers to a cool 19°C in November. Magaluf weather is fairly cold in winter with temperatures rarely dropping below 4°C at night. The daily average is around 10°C in December and January, so packing a jacket and warm clothes is a must. You’ll enjoy six hours of sunlight a day that rises to almost ten hours by the end of March.

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