The currency in Majorca is the Euro. It’s easy to get prepared for your trip by buying some Euros before you leave.

At Thomas Cook we can arrange for home delivery, or many travellers find our reserve and collect service is convenient. You can order online and just pop in to your local store when you’re doing your last-minute holiday shop. It’s commission-free as well, so you know you’re getting the best possible value Majorca currency. It’s a lovely feeling to step off the plane and know you can get on with enjoying your holiday straight away, without having to look for somewhere to change your money.

Euros are also available from banks, or Oficina de Cambio. Do a spot of research before you go, to be sure you’re getting the best exchange rate (so we advise against changing your money at the airport, where rates are lower and fees are higher), and remember to check commission fees. ATMs are plentiful in most established resorts, and are a convenient option. You may find using a pre-paid travel card such as Lyk is a way to avoid bank fees as well as meaning you don’t have to carry too much cash. The Lyk card works like a debit or credit card, and you can pre-load before you leave then top up while you’re away. With the Lyk card there’s no charge for purchases, and a flat fee for cash withdrawal so you know exactly how much your currency in Majorca is costing. There’s 24-hour support too, so if your card is lost or stolen while you’re away you know you’re in safe hands. You’ll find cards are accepted in larger stores, but cash is always appreciated in smaller establishments.

However you like to take your Majorca currency, just pop in, call or use our live chat and we’ll make sure you’re ready to enjoy your holiday from the moment you land.