If you love beaches, Cala d’Or’s the perfect resort for you. There are several sandy coves on this stretch of Majorca’s east coast, as Cala d’Or is actually made up of a number of small resorts, and their beaches are said to be the best on the island. Just so you know, Cala d’Or is both one of the mini resorts and the name given to the whole area.

A relaxing place to stay

You’ll find clusters of shops and places to eat and drink around each cove (or ‘cala’), so you’ll have lots of choice; they’re all linked by a mini train, making it easy to get from one to another. The area’s changed a lot since it was discovered by a group of artists nearly a hundred years ago, but Cala d’Or’s still one of the quieter resorts in Majorca. You can still enjoy the same beautiful summer weather, picturesque views and pine-scented air. Hire a bike for the full effect, or spend a day at the beautiful Parc Natural de Mondrago, a coastal nature reserve that’s not far from Cala d’Or.

Coastal delights

From the luxury yachts bobbing in the marina to memorable scuba diving trips, most of the highlights of your holiday in Cala d’Or will come from the sea. You can visit hidden coves and nearby resorts along the coast, or hire a boat for a leisurely excursion on the water. Perhaps the biggest treat of all is the mouth-watering seafood served in the classy restaurants on Cala d’Or marina. Follow your meal with cocktails for the perfect evening. Or, if you prefer your evenings a little livelier, make your way to the karaoke bars and live music in the mini resort centres.