Ibiza Events Spain

Ibiza’s reputation as the party capital of the world has been going strong since the 1960s. What started out as a hippy hangout has transformed into the dance capital of the world, from being the hub of house music in the 1980s and the home of ‘90s rave music, to the powerhouse of modern dance music.

But what if you’re not a raver? Well, luckily, there’s much more to the island than just the pubs and clubs that grab all the headlines. Ibiza’s a complex and fascinating island that is proud of its heritage and history. Throughout the year, you’ll find an extensive range of Ibiza events, from those for the music fans and party-heads, to those steeped in ancient Spanish culture.

Party, Party, Party!
Between May and June, the main Ibiza events are focused around the clubs, as they come out of hibernation, and the beaches, bars and hotels start to fill up. As the season goes on, you’ll find world-famous DJs headlining huge parties in the clubs and on the beaches. Club openings continue right through the peak season, until around October, when the temperature starts to cool and the crowds start to lessen.

However, May is also the month for a major cultural event: Santa Eulalia’s May Festival. Taking place on 7 May, this festival celebrates the story surrounding Santa Eulalia’s church. According to legend, centuries ago the church collapsed but miraculously, the congregation escaped without a scratch. To mark this, the locals put on a parade of horse-drawn carts, create fabulous flower displays and round everything off with fantastic fireworks. It’s well worth visiting, if you want to see how the natives party.

Ibiza Rocks
San Antonio plays host to Ibiza Rocks between June and September. Ibiza Rocks is one of the biggest and most famous Ibiza events, attracting clubbers from across the world, who come to see up-and-coming DJs rubbing shoulders with established names from the music scene. However, it’s not just spinning decks and party beats: Ibiza Rocks showcases the best in music from every genre including electronica, folk, indie, grime and, of course, rock!

Cultural Events
August sees the St Ciriac Festival get underway, marking the moment when the Balearics returned to Spanish rule. Although this event took place in the 13th century, it’s still celebrated each year with live music, traditional, flamboyant processions, and yet more fireworks. The festival takes place during the first week of August: ideal for those who want the best of the sunshine with some serious partying thrown in!

The Final Countdown
Just when you thought it was all over, Ibiza pulls itself together for one more round of parties and music. October is when the season starts to wind down, but what better way to mark it than with yet another party? Across the island, the clubs throw closing parties, giving music fans the final opportunity for a last dance. If you want to see your holiday out with the biggest bang possible, these Ibiza events kick-off on the first weekend in October.

Bikes and Beléns
If you’ve come to Ibiza to get to grips with the great outdoors, the Ibiza International Mountain Bike Race is one of the Ibiza events you really ought to see, or even sign up for. Covering over 200km and with three routes, this is an event for only the most experienced cyclists. Taking place over three days, from 12 October, it’s open to anyone brave enough to enter.
Christmas is a big deal in Ibiza and celebrated with carol concerts and Beléns, which are huge and elaborate nativity scenes, recreated in town squares and centres, across the island.