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The resort of San Antonio is on the western coast of Ibiza. It enjoys a lovely Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool but mild winters. The best time to visit for the warmest weather in San Antonio is summer. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 25°C during the day and scorching highs of 28°C. You’ll have around 11 hours of sunlight per day, giving you plenty of time to explore the island and soak up the sunshine on the beach.

There isn’t much rain in summer, with just a few showers scattered over four days per month. If you love swimming and want to take part in water sports, travel in August. This is when the average sea temperature is high at around 26°C, which is a perfect swimming temperature.

San Antonio weather in autumn is cooler than the summer but warm enough for sunbathing on the beach. Temperatures range from 12°C to highs of 25°C. There’s around 66mm of rain per month, with most showers falling in short, light bursts.

Spring has similar temperatures to autumn but tends to be slightly colder, with highs of 18°C between March and May. You can expect around seven days of rain per month with around 30mm of rainfall.

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