One of Spain’s beautiful Balearic Islands, Ibiza is a popular destination for anyone looking for a fun-filled holiday, teeming with sun, sea, sand and sangria. You may automatically associate Ibiza with a colourful nightlife, which is of course true, but there’s far more to the famous White Isle than meets the eye. It’s a great choice for couples and groups wanting an unforgettable summer getaway, but the island’s picture-perfect beach resorts mean it’s also an excellent location for a memorable family holiday too. And what’s more? It’s only a short two and a half hour flight from London.

Amazing beaches

The beaches around Ibiza are some of the best in all the Balearic Islands and probably further afield too. You’ll find it hard to pick a favourite, but there are certainly enough contenders to sample a different one every day of your holiday, should you wish. The beach at San Antonio Bay is great for water sports and daytime fun in the sun; the popular Cala Comte plays hosts to some of the best sunsets on the island and Benirras Beach is where you can get a real taste of the hippy way of life.

Laid-back hippy vibe

Despite contrary belief, Ibiza is not full of ravers. In fact, as previously mentioned, the general vibe of the island has an incredibly laid-back, hippy feel. The hippy period began in Ibiza way back in the 1960s, although freedom of expression and thought has been prevalent for much longer. Nowadays, you can experience the colourful and relaxed lifestyle at one of the island’s many hippy markets, with the most famous ones being the Punta Arabi Hippy Market in Es Cana every Wednesday and the Las Dalias Hippy Market every Saturday in San Carlos.

Vibrant nightlife

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about Ibiza without talking about the island’s vibrant and eclectic nightlife. The place where all the clubbers head is San Antonio on the north west coast and the biggest nightclubs are either here or close to Ibiza Town on the south coast. If you’re more interested in stylish bars than nightclubs, head to San Antonio’s famous ‘Sunset Strip’ where – you’ve guessed it – you can watch the incredible sunset whilst sipping on a cocktail and listening to a relaxing chill-out mix.