Step back in time in Dalt Vila

Ibiza Town has a surprising amount of history for somewhere that you might just see as a beach holiday or party place. Its hilltop old town, Dalt Vila, is so impressive that it’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site – stepping inside its walls is almost like walking into a living museum. Use the main entrance (Portal de Ses Taules) and you’ll even have to cross a drawbridge. There are cobbled squares, Catalan buildings, a Gothic cathedral and a castle, plus a main square with bars, restaurants, shops and galleries. And don’t miss the views from the castle’s battlements to the harbour: they’re breathtaking.

If you like to do more than just look, there’s plenty of local heritage in the crafts on sale at the Sa Penya market near the harbour and in the traditional food you can eat in Ibiza Town’s restaurants, such as guisat de peix (fish in a creamy potato stew).

And if you’re on holiday with a real history buff (or are one yourself), make sure you visit the Puig Des Molins necropolis. It’s nothing like as morbid as it might sound, even though there are 3,000 tombs there. They date back to the 7th century so you’ll get a fascinating insight into life in ancient Ibiza.