1. Go clubbing

There’s no escaping it, Ibiza Town may be many other things but it’s still a clubber’s paradise. Summer nights are all about the bass and the beats,
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3. Take to the water

There are many boat trips available from Ibiza Town, but we particularly recommend looking out for one to Es Vedra, an islet just off the south-western coast. On the face of it, Es Vedra is just a big rock with a beach,
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One of those places that can be all things to all people, Ibiza Town has family-friendly beaches and boat trips, a beautiful old town for culture vultures to explore and some of the most famous nightlife on the planet.

You’ll find yourself in amongst some of Ibiza’s best beaches and nightclubs, with great bars, restaurants and shopping at your door, plus easy access to the highlights of the rest of the island – including the islet of Es Vedra. So while you might go to Ibiza Town to play on a sandy beach or to dance the night away, we can guarantee you’ll find plenty more to make your holiday special too.