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While Ibiza might claim the crown as the party capital of the world, parts of it are actually pretty quiet and tranquil; perfect for family breaks and for couples who want to enjoy some quality downtime together. Es Cana is one of those rare resorts, offering a stunning beach that shelves gently into crystal clear waters. Although holidays to Es Cana aren’t known for their full-on party vibe, the resort does have some nightlife in the form of some quiet bars, superb restaurants, and the odd club or two. If you decide that you do want to kick your heels up, Es Cana is only half an hour away from Ibiza Town, where the nightlife is vibrant, loud and seemingly endless!

Es Cana upholds the laid-back feel that was established by the travelling hippies who hung out here in the Swinging Sixties. In keeping with the peace and love vibe that make this resort so popular, the world-famous Hippy Market comes to town once a week, complete with live music, the smells of sizzling street food and more handcrafted trinkets than you could shake a tie-dyed kaftan at!

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12°C - 26°C

The weather in Es Cana is classically Mediterranean, with long, hot summers and mild winters.  

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