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You’ll find the weather in Singapore to be hot and humid whenever you travel, as the island lies just one degree north of the equator. So, you can expect tropical, equatorial conditions, with no clear-cut seasons to speak of. You’ll soon find out that rain showers happen almost on a daily basis on the island, usually in the afternoons and early evenings, so you should definitely think about packing a light coat, an umbrella or both. And remember to take them with you whenever you go out. You’ll soon realise that these showers are a great relief from the heat and in the main, over quickly.

Due to its location in the Indian Ocean, just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, and sheltered by its outlying islands across the Singapore Strait, the weather in Singapore is largely hot, humid and fairly predictable. In terms of heat, averages vary between 25°C and 31°C, with humidity ranging from 70–80%. April is the warmest month, January the coolest and November the wettest. Temperatures and air pressure are stable, humidity is high and rainfall frequent.

High humidity is something you have to embrace in equatorial regions like Singapore, although it does vary throughout the day, so you won’t be left in high humidity limbo for long. Mornings are highest, typically around 90%, dropping to about 60% by mid-afternoon, so long as it’s not raining. But it’s not so unusual in these parts to encounter 100% humidity on rainy days, so be prepared to slow things down when you need to. If all else fails, head to a shopping mall or a public building such as a museum, library or art gallery and take advantage of the free air conditioning.

As far as packing for the climate goes, light cotton clothing is favoured by the locals and is a good way to handle the city’s sticky conditions. When out and about, make use of the many sheltered walkways and pavements, designed to give pedestrians shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. And when you’re moving around Singapore, you can get a few handy pointers as to how to manage the heat and rain by looking at how the locals behave. You’ll soon find yourself an expert in handling the weather in this beautiful and fascinating city.

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