Ocean Park China

Discover one of China’s finest marine life-themed amusement parks in Hong Kong’s buzzing Southside. With its own cast of costumed creatures, Ocean Park easily rivals nearby Disneyland. What’s more, you’ll find it packed with unique wildlife – think giant pandas, rainforest creatures and arctic animals, all living in their own wonderful habitats.

Marine World

The underwater theme park of Marine World is a fantastic way to begin your trip to Ocean Park. See rare Chinese sturgeon, adorable seals and lively sea lions. Then jump on the famous Dragon rollercoaster to get your pulse racing, along with the Crazy Galleon and Flying Swing. If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, try to find your way out of the Hedge Maze, hidden in the Garden of Joy.

Thrill Mountain

Thrill Mountain lives up to its name with rides like The Hair Raiser, Whirly Bird and Rev Booster. And if you’re not fazed by heights, the Bungee Trampoline will take you sky high.

Polar Adventure

Keep your coat on for this frosty nature reserve, a chilly but rewarding site where you’ll spot penguins, seals, walruses, and arctic foxes. Not only that, giant rollercoasters, underwater tunnels and animal encounters will keep your blood pumping in this cold-as-ice destination.

The Rainforest

Journey into an incredible world of tropical wildlife, home to more than 70 South American animals, all in the heart of urban Hong Kong. Take a hike through The Expedition Trail and discover rare jungle animals like the pygmy marmoset, capybara and green anaconda. Be sure to read the colourful displays scattered throughout the sanctuary, filled with fun facts as well as the importance of rainforest conservation. Thrill-seekers should look no further than The Rapids for an outfit-soaking ride, though be warned – you may get a bucketful of water tipped over you, courtesy of other park visitors stationed at various vantage points.

The Waterfront

Made up of three incredible locations, the Waterfront combines a downtown city feel with the splashy frolics of a waterpark. Throw in one of the best zoos in China, and you’re all set.

At Aqua City, you’ll be wowed by a huge aquarium, housing over 5,000 fish and water animals. There are hammerhead sharks and manta rays swimming alongside octopuses and clownfish, to name but a few of the fascinating aquatic creatures on display.

The Amazing Asian Animals zoo features some of the continent’s most remarkable mammals, fish, amphibians and reptiles; from adorable red pandas and Chinese giant salamanders to golden monkeys and rare Asian alligators.

Finally, visit Whisker’s Harbour for merry-go-rounds along with child-friendly classic arcade games, making this the ideal place to take the little ones.

From seasonal shows and events to hair-raising rides and adventurous activities, China’s Ocean Park is sure to create fun-filled memories for you and all the family.