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South East Asian cuisine is famed throughout the world for its use of fresh ingredients, clean flavours and fiery spices. The region’s significance as a historic trade route and the resulting colonial presence brought ingredients and cooking techniques to this area that influence the food even today. Despite the fact that some world-renowned restaurants exist in Asia, visitors will find that some of the simplest, freshest food to be sampled is from the local street vendors ubiquitous in the region. Look for the places frequented by locals, smile and point at what they are eating and keep an open mind - you’re sure to eat like a king or queen!

With so many natural and man made wonders across the region, Asia holidays are perfect for those who want to explore as much as they want to relax. Marvel at Bangkok's Grand Palace or the astounding Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Come face to face with the sociable Orangutans in Malaysian Borneo, or majestic elephants in Thailand. There are ample opportunities for active pursuits, from snorkelling and diving to hiking or cycling across rural farmland. Asia’s cities are also second to none - boasting shimmering skyscrapers, bustling markets, decadent nightlife, world-class shopping, as well as first class hotels for the ultimate luxury holiday.

The principles of eastern oriental medicine are based on a harmonious interaction between our bodies and the outside world, and when the environment around you is breathtakingly beautiful, filled with vibrant flora, cascading waterfalls, crystal clear azure waters and powdery white sand, it’s hard not to sit back and unwind. Relaxation, exercise and massage are all believed to have a therapeutic and restorative effect on mind and body, and a holiday in Asia will give you every opportunity to do these things. So whether you opt for a hidden hideaway close to a lush tropical forest or a beachfront villa with private plunge pool, Asia’s natural landscapes are the perfect backdrop.

With ultra-modern cities like Bangkok and Singapore, to rural idylls like Bali and Malaysian Borneo, where you choose to go on your holiday in Asia will depend entirely on your interests. Although the region shares similarities in that most of its countries have gloriously isolated beaches, first class hotels and abundance of cultural sites, each individual nation also has unique characteristics and quirks that are a delight to explore. From Bali’s spiritual fervor, to Malaysia’s biodiversity and Thailand’s bustling cities - the best way to explore the region properly is by combining a few of the highlights in a once-in-a-lifetime tour.



The diversity of landscapes in Asia gives rise to the variety of climates across the region. Weather patterns can vary wildly and the tropical zone brings with it monsoon rains at different times of the year across Asia. Best times to visit vary across the continent so look out for the individual advice for each destination. It’s likely that some rainfall will occur during your trip but there’s so much to do and rainfall is often short lived, so it’s unlikely to affect your holiday plans too much.

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