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A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden courtyard or pool. The Riads were inwardly focused which allowed for family privacy and protection from the weather in Morocco. Almoravids conquered Spain in the 11th century and they sent Muslim, Christian and Jewish artisans from Spain and Morocco to work on monuments. These artisans brought with them the idea of arranging the rooms of the house around the central open-air courtyard that have become today's Riads. Many Riads have now been converted to hotels.

The souks in Morocco - particularly in Marrakech - are legendary, a huge maze of tiny alleys where you can buy carpets, pottery, jewellery, lamps, slippers, herbs and spices, carved wood, leather goods, baskets and much more. Traders ply their wares in an endless round of haggling, while traditional music is played in the background.