Funchal – Weather

Funchal weather stays consistently warm throughout the year with hot and dry weather in the summer that becomes quite mild and wet in the winter. The surrounding seas are very warm because of the ocean currents, which is great if you want to enjoy a relaxing swim in the sea during the summer and early autumn. Temperatures in Funchal are usually around the mid-20s between June and September, which isn’t overly hot and perfect for a comfortable summer holiday in the sun. The chance of a heat wave in the summer is quite high due to hot winds blowing in from North Africa, which can send temperatures soaring to 40°C.

Rainfall is more likely in autumn with around 80mm in October and 100mm in November. Temperatures are around 21°C with up to seven hours of pure sunshine per day. Humidity levels are comfortable for most of the year, usually ranging from 64% and 68%.

Winter is mild and the weather in Funchal is enjoyable with a daily average of 18°C that never drops below 14°C. The average high in spring rises to 19°C in March and April with around eight hours of sunshine each day.

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