Funchal is the bustling capital of the stunning island of Madeira. The tranquil setting and captivating countryside is favourable among tourists looking for a romantic break. Soak up the feel good atmosphere in the contemporary city or find tradition running through the Old Town’s cobbled streets and buildings. Drink fine wine and unwind in this emerald paradise.

Excellent beaches

There are only a few sandy shores in Funchal, as most are pebble beaches, so you’ll find a unique take on a traditional afternoon by the beach. It’s common to find paved promenades with lidos on the edge of the coast with sunbathing facilities and you can still swim in the calming waves as a safe section of the sea is usually marked off. In the Old Town you’ll find Praia da Barreirinha where you can relax on the promenade on sun loungers before taking a dip in the pool. Follow the steps down to the sea and have fun swimming in the stunning setting. If you want to find sand, one of the more popular beaches is the small man-made one in nearby Calheta. The golden sand was imported from Morocco and is ideal for reclining on sun loungers under the glorious warm sunshine.

History and culture

Funchal is Madeira’s largest city and the island’s 500 year old capital. The area became popular with tourists in the 1850s and the main export of the island is the famous Madeira wine, which began trading in the 17th century. You’ll find most of the island’s history and culture in the cobbled streets of the Old Town and 16th century buildings in the centre of Funchal. The general atmosphere when walking around Funchal is upbeat and modern, but tradition oozes through in the shape of traditional food and age-old customs, such as picking grapes in September’s Wine Harvest Festival. Another celebrated tradition is toboggan rides down the steep hill that connects Monte to Funchal. Drivers, also known as Carreiros de Monte, push the wicker cart, which was described by writer Ernest Hemingway as the ‘most exhilarating experience’ of his life.


Madeira follows a typically English way of life, with many of the clubs and bars dormant throughout the week. However, you’ll be able to find evening entertainment throughout the week in Funchal. Enjoy a cocktail or two in outdoor seating and dance to live music if the moment takes you. Madeira has a great selection of traditional food to try too. Dine on hearty meals and sip on the famous Madeira wine transported directly from the vineyards found in the mountains.