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The Algarve region in Portugal is known for its natural beauty, rich culture and warm climate that brings constant sunshine and clear blue skies to the area year-round. Temperatures rarely drop below 20°C and reach a peak of 28°C in July and August. September enjoys slightly cooler weather in Algarve with a daily average of 26°C. Sea breezes help to keep the weather conditions comfortable, helping to make sure humidity levels don’t reach above 65°C in summer. Rain isn’t a concern between June and September with just 10mm of rainfall per month.

The Algarve weather is very sunny throughout the year with up to 13 hours of shimmering sunshine per day in the summer. There’s around 12 hours of sunlight in autumn, which is slightly less than the summer but still plenty of time to relax by the shore or do some shopping in a nearby town or city.

Temperatures in Algarve are between 13°C and 22°C in autumn, which is still mild and enjoyable. There’s around 55mm of rain per month with an average sea temperature of 19°C.

Winter weather is mild with highs of 15°C between December and February. It gets warmer in spring and temperatures often reach highs of 22°C in May. You’ll have around ten hours of sunlight per day with an average humidity ranging from 60% to 75%.

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