The peaceful resort of Carvoeiro is set between striking cliffs, sandy coves and impressive rock formations. Look out to sea for views of the glistening turquoise waves and inland for magnificent sights of the 17th century Fort of Senhora da Conceicao, which sits proudly on the hillside. Holidaymakers will enjoy the wide selection of restaurants, bars, shops and water sports available for you. Its neighbouring, bustling towns of Albufeira and Portimao are not too far away, so Carvoeiro is in a great location for exploring the Algarve. With the white-washed houses and narrow cobbled streets, the small town oozes tradition and makes for a fantastic break away for those looking for a touch of tranquillity.

Excellent beaches

There are several stunning beaches surrounding Carvoeiro, all with soft, sandy shores and glistening, crystal clear waters. What sets these beaches apart from each other are their sizes and the striking rock formations that are hidden along the coastline, so you’ll be able to tailor your beach experience to suit you.

One of the main beaches in the resort is Praia do Carvoeiro, commonly known as Town Beach, which is a quaint, sandy beach with magnificent cliffs that shelter the shore. A hotspot for sun-worshipping holidaymakers, the area has all the amenities and water sports you need to spend your days paddling in warm water and relaxing on the sand.

For something a little quieter, find the small curved bay of Praia do Carvalho for incredible views of the rocks in the shimmering coast. This beach is so remote it’s unattended by lifeguards, but is ideal if you want to recline under the sun in your own spot of paradise.

History and culture

Situated on Portugal’s southern coast, the village was built into steep sandstone cliffs in the 1960s to accommodate the influx of tourism in the area. A quieter resort than its neighbours, Albufeira and Portimao; Carvoeiro is centred on a picturesque hive of sandy coves and green hills. It has a vibrant nautical history of pirates and battles along its waters. You can see the remains of the 17th century Fort of Senhora da Conceicao, which once added to the Algarve’s defences.

The village today is quiet and peaceful; if you wander around the hilly pathways you can see spectacular views of the intricate coast and stunning horizon.

Vibrant nightlife

The village is small and quiet but surprisingly is home to a great selection of bars, restaurants and shops. A lot of the bars have a traditional atmosphere with the Portuguese laid-back vibe streaming into the streets. Whether you enjoy watching sports, listening to live music or being entertained by flair bartending, Carvoeiro has a wide range of nightlife available. If you’re looking for an evening with a bit more buzz, Albufeira is not too far away.