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Weather in Albufeira is mostly warm and sunny, making it a popular destination for holidaymakers who want to escape to a hot and sunny paradise. The resort has a typical Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers and wet, mild winters.

Temperatures in Albufeira increase in April and May, rising to 17°C with highs of 22°C. At night, the weather cools to around 13°C with a cold sea breeze that makes temperatures feel even colder.

The sea begins to warm up towards the end of May and the start of June, rising to 19°C before peaking at 21°C in August and September.

The summer has up to 12 hours of sunshine per day with temperatures rising as high as 33°C. The hottest month of the year is July, which is perfect for a classic beach holiday. Warm weather and clear, blue skies are pretty much guaranteed in June, August and September, which is the best time to visit for the warmest and driest climate in Albufeira.

Winter and autumn are relatively cooler than the summer. Temperatures drop to 13°C in December with lows ranging from 8°C and 9°C. 99mm of rain falls in December that decreases to 69mm in February. Overall, there’s a 50% chance of rain in winter, so make sure to pack an umbrella or a waterproof jacket to prepare for the wet weather.

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