1. Visit Albufeira Old Town

Venture to the opposite end of the strip to find the original Albufeira, commonly know as the Old Town. The quaint setting oozes tradition, which can be seen through the narrow, cobbled streets and decoratively painted buildings.
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2. Praia da Coelha

For a peaceful day relaxing on soft sands and paddling in crystal clear seas, look no further than Praia Coelha. A tranquil cove a short drive west of Albufeira
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3. Praia Gale

For a fun-filled day at the beach, make sure you pay a visit to Praia Gale. Just a short drive or bus ride west of Albufeira, it’s a long, family-friendly beach with plenty to see and do.
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7. Go on boat trips from Albufeira

If you prefer to stay above the water but still want to explore the magnificent coast, set sail on one of the variety of boat excursions available. Enjoy sailing across the stunning waters, travelling from bay to bay.
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There’s lots of great things to do both on land and in the spectacular waters of the Algarve coast. Water sports are popular here, so grab your paddleboard and head for the glistening waters to discover Albufeira’s beautiful hidden caves and rock formations. Take a day trip to the Old Town to experience traditional Portugal or to the ancient ruins to discover the resort’s fascinating heritage.