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With its location in the north-west of Morocco in Northern Africa, Marrakech enjoys a very hot and dry climate all year round. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit since the climate is more comfortable. Temperatures in Marrakech are usually in the high-teens with highs of 29°C. April and May are very pleasant months to travel since you can enjoy up to nine hours of sunshine per day with low cloud coverage and clear blue skies. A few brisk showers are expected to fall throughout the season with around 38mm of rain in March that gradually decreases to just 24mm of rainfall in May.

Warmer weather arrives in Marrakech when warm winds blow in from the Sahara Desert. These winds can pick up sand, which increases the chance of a sandstorm hitting the city. The summer is the hottest season with temperatures peaking at 29°C in July and August. Heatwaves often strike at this time of year, sending temperatures soaring up to 40°C which is very hot and often uncomfortable.

It’s best to stay in the shade during the hottest time of the day and stay hydrated throughout your visit. You’ll have around 11 hours of sunshine a day with low humidity levels and not much chance of rain in the summer. Marrakech weather is much cooler in winter, which is from December to February. The average daily temperature is around 21°C with chilly lows of 6°C to 8°C at night.

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