Visit the royal Saadian Tombs

Located just outside of Marrakech, the Saadian Tombs are breathtaking, with its beautifully carved detailing and colourful geometric patterns, it’s no wonder many visit this site each year. Pay a visit to the ancient burial ground, which dates back to 1557, to see the two main mausoleums decorated in stunning honeycomb muqarnas, colourful tilling and marble pillars. Sultan Ahmed el Mansour ordered for the tombs to be built during his reign of Morocco as he wanted a burial ground for himself and his family. The tombs were forgotten until 1917 where they were rediscovered and restored to their original splendour.

There’re over 100 tombs in the lavish mausoleums and floral gardens of royals and Saadian princes, which are unique because they are decorated in beautiful tiled mosaics. Stroll around to see the vaulted chambers and dramatic architecture.