Marrakech is a maze of tradition where lively markets, lush gardens and mosques can be found in abundance. The walled medieval city is next to a vibrant modern districted were bustling nightlife, luxurious spas and golf courses can be enjoyed, ensuring that there’s plenty to experience both day and night, to keep you entertained. Marrakech is the ideal holiday destination for anyone looking to discover its many hidden treasures.


There are many authentic markets calld souks in Marrakech but the most famous is the iconic Jemaa el Fna, found in the heart of the city. The huge marketplace is a hive of traditional souks, narrow streets and fresh food stalls. Enjoy the hustle and bustle and discover the ancient defence walls that date back to the 12th century and fine the hidden tresures of the old city. Jemaa el Fna is where you will be able to purchase hand woven carpets, colorful stained lamps, silver jewellery, pottery and piles and piles of fragrant spices. Entertainment can be found here in the form of storytellers, magicians, snake charmers and dancers with live music.

History and culture

Marrakech is a former imperial city and housed several empires beginning with the Nomads in 1000BC and later to the Almoravid dynasty in 1062 under the reign of Ben Youssef. His soldiers built in the area creating several temples and mosques, like Marrakech’s largest, the Koutoubia mosque, which still can be visited. Under this empire, Marrakech became an important cultural and military base with many traders using the area as a port before continuing to Europe. When visiting, you’ll notice the medieval walled city, or Medina, is densely packed with buildings, creating maze like, narrow streets, which often have hidden cafes and shops.

Laid back nightlife

In the old Medina of Marrakech you wont find many places that serve alcohol due to the licencing laws, but you will be able to spend your evenings in the new city in a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants. Enjoy entertainment from traditional belly dancers and acrobatic cabaret to groovy DJ sets and live jazz bands. For nightlife much quieter, head to one of the cafes for infused hot drunks, sip on saffron coffee, socialise in a shisha lounge or dine outside on roof terraces and sample traditional Moroccan spiced cuisine.