What day trips can I do from Marrakech?

Day trips from Marrakech are a great idea to make the most of this beautiful country. One of the most popular trips is to the Ouzoud Waterfalls, set amidst the Atlas Mountains this three-tiered cascade is the highest in North Africa. Along your way you will see the famous Barbary apes that have made their home there. It is a good idea to hire a guide (cost is approximately 200 dirhams) when you get to the falls as they can show you around the best spots for capturing some spectacular pictures and the best places to eat.

Head to the picturesque city of Essouira, an old fishing port that is still used today by fishermen. Walk along the walled ramparts and explore the small medina to find the perfect place to sample the local fish caught that day. As the town is on the coast you will find the temperatures are much cooler than Marrakech with a welcome wind to help keep you cool.

Most trips are a full day with an early start as you have to travel a few hours out into the desert to your destination.



Should I hire a car if I'm going to Marrakech?

It really depends on how far afield you want to explore. As with any city, driving can be tricky for those who are not use to the culture and roads. If you are staying in Marrakech, all the main attractions are within walking distance in the medina. If you are staying close to the centre, at a riad, it is worth noting that there is very little parking and most of the roads are traffic free and for pedestrians only.

If you do want to get out and about, there are drivers that you can hire to take you to where you would like to go. There are international hire car companies, for example Europcar that serve Morocco and can be booked before you travel, alternatively you may find that your hotel can recommend a good local company that may work out cheaper.




What is Marrakech like for a solo female traveller?

On the whole, Marrakech is a safe city to walk around although we do recommennd that you take the same precautions that you would when walking around any city at home.

Keep your money out of view and be aware that as a tourist people will try to show you places, but will expect money in return. As in any market the stallholders will try to entice you into buy their goods, this is all good natured and  if you are not interested, simply move along.

Most of the hotels offer excursions to nearby sights, this maybe the best way of seeing what else Morocco has to offer in the safety of a group.

Morocco is a Muslim country and although Marrakech is popular with foreign visitors, women are expected to cover their knees and shoulders. Try to take loose fitting clothes that will help you deal with the heat, and a shawl always works well.


Can I take a cookery class in Marrakech?

A cookery class is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the Moroccan culture. There are several classes available but most will take you into the main markets to shop for meat, vegetables and spices. Before returning to a riad to prepare and cook local dishes such as cous cous and tangines. Tangine is a local stew with vegetables and meat that is cooked in the dish in which it is served ‘the tangine’.

This is a great way to learn a few Arabic phrases, meet some of the locals and sample the true flavour of Morocco.



What is Marrakech like in winter?

Marrakech can be visited all year round. The winter months are quieter, as less tourists tend to visit this time of year. Although it is still warm during the day, when the sun goes down the temperatures can drop dramatically and the evenings are chilly. Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit as it almost always sunny, but avoid the summer months as temperatures can hit the mid-40s and can become unbearable. It is worth remembering that during Ramadan, which usually falls in August, many of the restaurants and shops are closed during the day.