Iberostar Selection Playa Mita

This beautiful oceanfront resort in Riviera Nayarit is a paradise for all ages. Featuring spacious stylish rooms and suites. Allow yourself to enjoy a better way to vacation with your family and friends and experience a variety of activities, entertainment, and dining on the Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. Each spacious accommodation type is elegantly styled to be relaxing and functional with great amenities including room service and air conditioning. The rooms have plush bedding for your comfort and have private balconies with beautiful views. The property features restaurants and buffet options featuring mouth-watering international cuisine. The younger guests will love the Aqua Fun water park, complete with water slides, shallow pools, and splash pads. Also, for youths, the hotel provides a place for organized fun and play. Relax and enjoy our spa offering a full range of treatments, facials, scrubs and wraps. An incredible variety of entertainment and wonderful excursions awaits guests, from the excitement and fun of the nightly shows, to the disco or engaging kid's activities to the calming and healing of yoga, Pilates or the hot tub, there are a myriad of activities to engage all types of travellers.

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Punta de Mita, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Address: 63734, Camino Ingreso A Litibu Lote 15, Higuera Blanca, Mexico

Phone: +5209848772800


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Babies, babies, and more babies........

May 2022 | ReneeLustgarten

We got back from this resort the day before yesterday. I will try to write an honest review. We arrived at the hotel and as we had already pre-registered, check in was a breeze. A green welcome drink was offered which I tasted but couldn't drink because it was too sweet for my taste. We immediately sat down with the concierge and booked as many à la carte restaurants as we could. I would like to mention that we were there for a 2 week stay. We managed to book 3 of the 4 à la cartes including the Steak House for that night. The concierge tried to convince us to book (waste) 90 minutes (it's NEVER 90 minutes) of our time to have a breakfast with staff where they urge you to upgrade to their Prestige Club. We declined, but said we would think about it. We were not exactly hassled about doing this during our stay, however we did receive a note under our door advising us that there was a welcome package at reception for us to pick up. But we never picked it up knowing that it had to do with upgrade. There is no time share at this resort. They also sent a couple of wine glasses one day with a bottle of bubbly which was very nice but we had no intention of upgrading. I don't even know what the upgrade to Prestige is but we took a look around the resort and all we could see of any difference was access to part of the rooftop lounge area where there are 2 hot tubs (one was empty for the duration) and a few loungers (and I assume bar service). There is also a small Prestige restaurant next door to the 24 hour coffee shop that looks like it might be open for breakfast, but we never saw anyone in there. I think there may be a couple of suites available as part of Prestige. We grabbed our bags and took them with us to our room. The room is adequate, but the bathroom is a very poor design. I will say that the tiling throughout the resort is spectacular, the floors, walls and bath enclosures are all beautifully tiled. When you open the bathroom door, the toilet is behind it. It is virtually impossible to have 2 people in there at the same time. Not the end of the world. We always had plenty of hot water and the toilet flushed like a dream. The shower isn't the best water pressure but again, we lived with it. Towels were changed whenever we left them in the tub, one day we were only given one towel but we flagged the housekeeper down in the hallway and she provided us with more. We also requested extra pillows through the app, which never came to fruition, so we asked the housekeeper and the next time we came in the room they were there! Kudos to housekeeping, they were on point the entire trip. We brought a small electric kettle with us as we like to make chamomile or mint tea before bed and this was an excellent luxury for us. We never used the in room coffee machine. While we were at Iberostar, we, as gringos were definitely in the minority. To my surprise about 85% of the guests were Mexican. It might be helpful to brush up on your Spanish before you go to this resort. There is only one pool for adults, but it was always packed with kids. I have never seen so many babies and strollers at a resort in my life. I have never understood how this can be a relaxing holiday for young parents, but there you have it. Children yelling and screaming at lunch and at supper, not only in the buffet, but at the à la carte restaurants as well. We used the pool a couple of times in the afternoon, but spent most of our days at the beach. Bar service at the pool is very good. The temperature of the pool is like bathwater. There were activities at the pool as well, including yoga, darts, there is a small pool used exclusively for volleyball. The Steak House restaurant doubles as the lunch buffet and there are also hot dogs and hamburgers and fries available next to the pool bar, and there is soft serve ice cream available there as well. We had our first supper at the Steak House, my husband had the New York New York steak which he said was good, and I had the short ribs which were excellent, beautifully tender. There is not a lot of choice on the menu, and I was disappointed that there wasn't a chicken option on the menu. The sides were just okay. The garlic mashed potato was okay, the truffle fries that I tried on one occasion were served cold, the roasted veggies also were cold, but the spinach with cream was (surprisingly) really really good. The novelty of the caesar salad made in front of you was fun, and the salad was also very good. All the desserts I tried in all of the restaurants, including the buffet were mediocre at best. Definitely not worth the calories. They LOOK really good, but the taste just isn't there. People raved about the Pacific Express (so-called French restaurant). The atmosphere is very nice, finally a resto with some ambience. I had the pâté (microscopic on the plate) and my husband had the escargots, which he enjoyed. He had the Entrecôte (he said it was good) and I had the salmon loin which was delicious. Dessert, again, was meh. We also tried the French Onion soup, and the soup was good, but no crusty toasted bread in it, and there was way too much cheese. We went to the Japanese restaurant (which I find to be played out in these resorts), and it was good. Sushi served as the appetizer, stir fried rice with chicken, steak, shrimp and fish. And again a less than interesting dessert. We went there twice, and the second time I refused the dessert plate. I thought it was funny that they had a Mexican restaurant, when pretty much everything that is served there is also available at either the lunch or supper buffet. In addition, there was a Mexican Night the night before we left to come home. This was held on the rooftop area, which they converted into buffet-like stations with different foods on offer, a taco station, a tamale station, a soup station, a churros station, a tequila station, etc. It was really fun and you had to sit wherever you could. There were a few tables for two along the wall over the ocean, but you had to get there early to snag one, I, however, liked the idea of sitting at a table with strangers and getting to know some of the other guests. There was live music and a conga line and it was a very pleasant evening. I have to say that the food was very very good for the most part. A ton of choice and truly something for everyone. The Mexican government still mandates employees to wear masks, and guests must wear masks in the restaurants unless they are sitting. Of course, there are always some ignoramuses who think the rules don't apply to them. I didn't want to get into it with anyone, so I kept quiet, but it really ticked me off. We used the gym in the mornings to squeeze in a bit of cardio each day. It is small but has everything you could need while on vacation. The beach is the best part of this resort. There is never an issue getting loungers, umbrella and table on the beach. We also never had a problem getting loungers at the pool, the few times we went there in the afternoon. The soft sand closer to the resort gets crazy hot in the day, so be sure to take your beach shoes with you if you go anywhere including the bathroom, bar or grill. The hard darker part of the sand is perfect. You can walk either way on the beach for long walks and hardly see a soul. There are very few other resorts on this beach and the ones that are there are boutique hotels with very few guests.There are lots of vendors on the beach, who we became friendly with and made a couple of purchases. We also took the public transit bus to Bucerias (taxis can be quite expensive) for 30 pesos per person (just over a Canadian dollar per person). It's a hot ride, but we like to experience life with the natives as much as we can when we are on holiday. I got sick (I think from a creamy alcoholic beverage called BBC - banana liqueur, Bailey's and creme de cacao) and was down and out for 3 days. I forgot to bring Imodium with us, so eventually I had to cave and buy the Mexican equivalent from the gift shop. Try not to forget to bring anything with you. They charged 22$ USD for 8 tablets (about 2.75$ USD per tablet) which will last you about 2 days. The sunscreen is 41$ USD so make sure you bring a TON with you. You will thank me for this. Once the medication kicked in, I felt much better and was finally able to eat again. You can change your beach towels as often as you like (the cabin is open 9am-7pm daily) until you finally return them for the 2 towel cards which you turn in at check out. The rooms are very damp with humidity, makes no difference if the air conditioning is on or off. Everything always felt damp, all of our clothes, the bedding, my skin was constantly moist and if you have curly hair, it will just be a fuzz ball for the duration. The other thing about the room (they are all exactly the same except some have a tub and others just have a large shower stall and I've heard the the shower stall isn't that great because the water goes all over the floor) is that there is not one decent chair to sit on. The most comfortable chairs to sit on are the ones on the balcony but be sure to put a cushion at the back otherwise you won't be able to sit there for very long. I can't say enough about the staff at the resort, from reception desk staff, to servers to bartenders, housekeeping, to gardeners, entertainment staff and even the behind the scenes people who you don't see very often, they are all friendly and helpful and all smiles. It's a pleasure to be among them. We did go to a show at the theatre (it was the Vegas show) which was cheesy, once it finally began. They kill a bunch of time with either bingo or a lottery, which is a real time waster. Maybe they think everyone will have lots of alcohol so they won't notice how sub par the headliner show is. We preferred to see the mariachi band at the centre gardens and the musicians in the lobby bar. Many were inconsiderate and leaving their empty or even not empty drink glasses all over the resort including at the water's edge at the beach. Even half eaten plates were left at the beach attracting birds who would be all over the loungers next to you. No regard for others, especially the staff who have to clean up after them. Room service trays were left out in the hallway all night long for the animals to get to them and drag the food across the floor. The stairwells were not cleaned regularly unfortunately, but they wouldn't really need to be if people picked up after themselves. This is a sad statement about human nature. We did notice that tipping seems to be a 4 letter word for the majority of people. I don't understand this. The employees work so hard 6 days a week, in the hot sun for little pay. I believe that people who pay for all inclusive holidays should also budget at least 15-20$ per day for tipping. Overall we really did love this resort, especially the beach. However, given the number of small babies, I think in the future we will try to find an adults only resort in the area. This resort is ideal for family holidays, couples not so much.

lovely resort with lots of activities and god restaurants

May 2022 | Road08844963077

enjoyed our stay at this resort and would definitely return. Would love to bring the whole family. The beach is clean and the pool is large with lots of activities. Very family friendly with many choices for food.

Great time at Iberostar Resort

May 2022 | Gary R

This was our first time visiting the Iberostar Resort in Puta Mita. The staff and the Resort is what we expected. The grounds are beautiful and the food is excellent. We upgraded to a beach front siutw and we were glad we did. The only complaint we had that the Resort was remote to other activites

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